Notes on BBG’s funding of the Tor Project — 2007 through 2014

This note is meant to go along with my story on Uncle Sam's "Internet freedom" programs: "Internet privacy, funded by spooks: A brief history of the BBG"

Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), an old Cold War CIA spinoff, funded Tor to the tune of nearly $4.3 million in the years from 2007 through 2014.

I break down the funding below.

—Yasha Levine

PS: Updated this page in March 2016 to reflect 2014 financials.

PPS: Notes on Tor's Pentagon funding can be found here, while Tor's State Department funding is here.





Via BBG’s “International Broadcasting Bureau” 



Via BBG’s “International Broadcasting Bureau” 



Via BBG’s “International Broadcasting Bureau” 



Via BBG’s “International Broadcasting Bureau” 



Via BBG’s “International Broadcasting Bureau” 



$387,800 via BBG/IBB contract (the contract totals roughly $1.2 million and runs into next year as well); $150,00 from Radio Free Asia (RFA) “contract”; $400,000 from RFA grant for Tor’s OONI project, which does not appear on Tor’s financial statements.


$853,600 from BBG/IBB contract (the contract totals roughly $1.2 million and appears to spill over into the previous year); $659,134 via several Radio Free Asia "Open Technology Fund" grants that don’t seem to be reflected on Tor Project’s financial disclosure forms. 


$733,000 via contract from BBG's Radio Free Asia; $900,000 via grants from Radio Free Asia's "Open Technology Fund" that are not reflected on the Tor's Project’s financial disclosure forms.



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