Pentagon's 1969 Quadruped Hotrod

A bit of random war nerd porn from my Surveillance Valley archive research. This one comes courtesy of a taxpayer funded military rag called "Army Research & Development." It shows a rare specimen: a 1969 vintage Pentagon Quadruped Hotrod. Kinda looks like Google's Cheetah Drone, which as it happens was developed with Pentagon funding but is now controlled by Google.

Interesting side note: a few years later, in the mid-70s, Army R&D would be renamed Army RD&A — the "a" is for acquisition. Not surprisingly, the mag slowly morphed from just a straight up info bulletin on army research into a kind of "Men's Health" for military procurement nerds — a sales catalogue with fancy full color covers and picture spreads that drummed up fears of Soviet military might and showcased overpriced (and mostly useless and rarely used) military toys.

—Yasha Levine

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