RJ Eskow's "The Zero Hour" supports Surveillance Valley

Earlier today, Surveillance Valley got a huge boost from Richard "RJ" Eskow  — host of The Zero Hour, a great pro-labor/progressive radio show that's part of the We Act Radio network based in Washington DC.

If you haven't already, I recommend you check out The Zero Hour and We Act Radio's other shows.

Below is a letter RJ Eskow sent out to his listeners.

Last week on The Zero Hour, I spoke with one of my frequent guests, investigative journalist Yasha Levine.

Yasha has been exploring the dark side of the internet for years. As he points out in the interview, technology has led to a massive for-profit surveillance system, spawned global monopolies, and empowered the US National Security State. It has also exacerbated inequality by creating hundreds of new billionaires - 23 last year in California alone.

Now Yasha is writing an in-depth book, Surveillance Valley: The Rise of the Google-Military Complex. And to ensure that there is absolutely no corporate censorship, he's publishing it 100% independently.

Please join me in donating to Yasha's Kickstarter today. For just $15, you can receive a copy of Surveillance Valley the moment it comes out.

This book isn't just about Silicon Valley or the internet - it's tied to all the issues we cover on the Zero Hour every week.

Rising inequality, corporate power, and militarism are all enabled by the misuse of technology. And if we're going to fight back, we need to know what we're up against.

Surveillance Valley doesn't just take on one company, it takes on the whole system. Help fund this important book.

The good news is that Yasha has already reached his initial fundraising goal. The even better news is, he'll use the money we give him to include an additional chapter in the book which covers Russia, Ukraine, and the coming Internet wars. We've interviewed him about his on-the-ground Ukraine reporting on The Zero Hour, and it's great stuff.

I want to read this book, so I've contributed to Yasha's campaign. Won't you join me?

Thanks, as always,

Richard "RJ" Eskow

Host of The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

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