Ultimate Privacy for Silicon Valley Billionaires

New York Times published amazing story that shows the privacy power "balance" that exists in Surveillance Valley — between us, the surveilled, and those that profit off the surveillance.

Turns out that if you even so much as trim the hedges or mow the lawn of a Silicon Valley oligarch — you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement that forbids you from discussing anything you may or may not hear or see while doing your lowly job under penalty of total financial ruin.

Life's good in Surveillance Valley.

There are all sorts of activities required of the people who remodel the homes of tech titans in Silicon Valley. Laying reclaimed-wood flooring, installing ever-tinier bathroom tiles, wiring the network.

Add a new one: Signing a domestic nondisclosure agreement.

These powerful documents, demanding the utmost secrecy, are being required of anyone associated with the homes of a small but growing number of tech executives, according to real estate agents, architects and contractors. Sometimes the houses themselves are bought through trusts or corporate entities so that the owners’ names are not on public deeds.


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