A call for FOIA help

Posting this outside of Facebook to get wider reach: Do any of my readers know FOIA attorneys (or just attorneys) who would be willing to work with me to pry open the vaults of a certain notorious Congressionally funded "private" radio station — an outfit that was spun off from a covert CIA psychological warfare project?

I'm talking about Radio Free Asia, which as I found out about a year ago has been funneling money to a pretty nasty outfit in the name of Internet Freedom. Naturally, they don't like people poking around.

RFA claims that it is not subject to FOIA because it is a "private non-profit corporation." Yet the station is fully funded and controlled by the federal government. And in 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that Amtrak, also a private corporation, was nonetheless a de facto government agency because it gets federal money and is therefore subject to FOIA. I'm not qualified to give legal advice, but it seems like we'd have a good case here.

Suggestions? It's for a good cause!

My email is mail[at]yashalevine.com.


—Yasha Levine

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