Radio Interviews: Cambridge Analytica and Surveillance Valley

I've done a bunch of interviews this past week about Surveillance Valley and my latest article for The Baffler, The Cambridge Analytica Con.

Let’s start with the basics: What Cambridge Analytica is accused of doing—siphoning people’s data, compiling profiles, and then deploying that information to influence them to vote a certain way—Facebook and Silicon Valley giants like Google do every day, indeed, every minute we’re logged on, on a far greater and more invasive scale.

Not all of the interviews are available on the internet, but I'll be posting the ones that are blow:

  1. The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow: "Yasha Levine: The Whole Net is Cambridge Analytica"

  1. Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod: "Journalist Yasha Levine Discusses The Widespread Nature of Data Collection & For-Profit Surveillance"

  1. Between the Lines with Scott Harris: "Interview with Yasha Levine on Cambridge Analytica."

4. Sounds Of Dissent / WZBC Radio News in Boston — Coming soon...

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