Review: All About History gives Surveillance Valley 5/5 stars

Surveillance Valley's UK edition got a spot in "All About History" magazine — and a glowing review:

Investigative journalist Yasha Levine’s timely Surveillance Valley weaves a disturbing narrative of the internet’s origins from the 1960s as a tool – or weapon as he describes it – linked to the American military.

In a climate of fear about communism and potential social unrest felt among those governing the country, ARPA (the Advanced Research Projects Agency) developed technology capable of spying on, and controlling, individuals and groups in America and beyond. Levine writes of counterinsurgency operations...Levine concludes by bringing the story to the modern day, discussing Edward Snowden, internet privacy, and today’s Silicon Valley companies

Gripping and hugely readable, Surveillance Valley is an essential book which painstakingly pieces together the complex origins, and current role, of a technology that has become so ingrained in our lives.

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