I talk about the cult of crypto and protest culture on Doug Henwood's "Behind the News"

Listen to me talk about CIA-funded crypto culture and the strange politics that underpin it on Doug Henwood's excellent "Behind the News" radio show, broadcast on KPFK. (My interview is followed up by an excellent talk with Elayne Tobin about celebrity culture. Crypto and celebrity go along very well!)

Imagine if the KGB made crypto apps and told anti-KGB activists to use them — and everyone did, convinced that they would protect their communication from spies. That's what's going on in America today. The KGB is a series of CIA cutouts, and the apps are Signal and Tor.

Listen to the interview

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Some of the reporting I discuss on the show can be found here:

  1. Internet Privacy, Funded by Spies
  2. Spy-funded privacy tools (like Signal and Tor) are not going to protect us from President Trump
  3. German magazine "konkret" interviews me about about Tor, spies and the cult of crypto

—Yasha Levine


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